Re: [mowbot] Husqvana Solar Mower

robin nospam at
Tue, 8 Oct 1996 03:20:51 +0100

Dave Everett wrote:
> According to the Choice review, it gives different beeps depending on
> what it is doing. When it's working it gives a beep every 5 seconds, and
> at night once every 10 seconds.
How strange. What ever is the point of that? Presumably the beep is so
you can locate it when it is out of sight, so it must be quite loud. I
can't imagine wanting such a beep going off at night. Couldn't it just
flash an LED when it's dark?

> A large part of my lawn is at 30deg, and on a brief tour of other lawns in
> my neighborhood, I found slopes up to 50deg in some places.
50 degrees is *very* steep. I wouldn't want to try designing Mowbot to
cope with this---except to stop and back up while it still could!

> It has no memory of where it has cut. The mower is totally random,
> except when it reaches long grass, it then cuts the patch in a square
> pattern much as the Lawnranger did.
I wonder how well this strategy works. Can we simulate it somehow?


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