[mowbot] pointed front and corners

DON AUTRY (Don.L.Autry nospam at msfc.nasa.gov)
07 Oct 1996 13:15:07 -0500

>I like your idea of a pointy front end, but it doesn't allow close cutting
>in a corner. Might another way exist of sweeping pinecones and sticks
>out of the way reliably that wouldn't take as much frontal room?

I really hadn't thought of this, it is good for working around trees, but
corners would be a different problem. If blades were at back of unit, it
could back into a corner, but there would still be a small bit to deal with
due to the circular arc of the blades. Think this is going to be a problem
with all blade designs mentioned so far, Unless the blades were exposed,
which I wouldn't want. If necessary, I could live with putting a bush in my
corners so there would be no lawn there to deal with.