[mowbot] Wow! What a concept!

Thomas A Maier (tmaier+ nospam at andrew.cmu.edu)
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 14:46:10 -0400 (EDT)

> I'd have to agree with the gentleman from Alabama....

> I suggest the list should serve two purposes. The first being a forum
> for ideas. It should be a place to teach and to learn. The second
> purpose would be to organize into *small* teams to implement one or more
> aspects of a robotic mower.

> We have multi-taleneted participants and a "multimedia" environment in
> which to communicate. For example, as Dave finishes his ground sensing
> experiments he might consider posting the results to the web page.
> Things like data, graphs, schematics, etc. that would allow others to
> benefit or even expand upon his work. If you don't want a ultrasound
> sensor on *your* robot, don't have one. However, the information does
> apply to our one common goal -- to build a MowBot.

This and similar messages over the past day or so are like a breath of
fresh air. I signed up to this group to hear what people had to say and
exchange information--Dave, I'm anxious to hear about your *ground
pounding* results, too--and suddenly there were committees being formed,
and secretaries to take notes, and worry about patents and
copyrights...Man! I get enough of that at work!

I don't expect personally--and never did--that any commercial venture
would or should come out of this. If someone tuning in should get the
inspiration for a million dollar idea, so be it. The poster is the
loser there. If you think that something you have is valuable, for
crying out loud, DON"T POST IT!

So, boys and girls, friends and neighbors, let's get back to swapping
ideas, opinions and data and perhaps one day there will be as many
different robotic goats--I STILL like that name better than "Mowbot"--as
there are contributors--all different, all munchin' grass, all over the
world...o' course the ones down there in Australia will have to have
suction cups on their feet so they don't fall off. :-) :-) No offense
meant, Dave!