Re: [mowbot] A modest proposal

Dana Gould (dgould nospam at
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 16:56:53 -0400

> From: Monta Elkins <Monta nospam at>
> To: mowbot nospam at
> Subject: Re: [mowbot] A modest proposal
> Date: Monday, September 30, 1996 8:03 AM
> Dana Gould wrote:
> > > This neglects the very interesting possibility that several Mowbots
> > > share the work on a large area.
> >
> > Hmmm, assuming the mowbots can cooperate that could reduce
> > a large lawn problem to a medium or small lawn problem. But then
> > you add the complexity of coordinating several mowbots.
> It's not that complicated.
> If you decide you need two mowbot's, split your yard in half,
> give define boundaries for each in the different sections.
> -Monta Elkins
You're right, it's not _that_ complicated. But it depends on how
your mowbots work. How are you defining the boundaries?

A buried wire is simple to "bounce" off of, a programmed-in map
is only somewhat more difficult (the real difficulty is programming
a map-based mowbot to begin with), and totally autonomous
mowbots would need some way to communicate.

But I think we're getting ahead of ourselves here. I don't think
any of us even have a single mowbot (yet).