Re: [mowbot] What are the Specs???

Byron A Jeff (byron nospam at
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:50:32 -0400 (EDT)

> I think we need to put in writing what the assumed
> enviroment and success criteria are.
> 1) Area definition- Mapped bounderies,Obsticle
> bounderies...???

Robin and I agree here: both. The Mowbot should be able to detect and respond
to natural boundaries (fences, concrete, trees, bushes) and artificial ones
(deliniate between your grass and neighbors usint buried wire or IR beacon)

So for any given yard only the artificial boundries need be set. The Mobot
would respond automagically to any natural boundries...

> 2) Performance Chriteria-X square feet in Y minutes, must
> mow Z area in 1 charge...???

Low priority IMHO. The working number have been in the ballpark of
"cut whole area before it all grows back... That works for me.

> 3) Size Requirements- Must be < 50 lbs, fit in
> 36"X36"X36"box...???

Again not as high a priority as 1) and 4) on the list. Big enough to get
the job done. I think we need objective measures about the terrain. A Mowbot
for a smooth flat surface is some completely different than one for a rocky
surface with 45 angle of climb...

> 4) Safety Requirements- Automatic shut off if touched,
> must travel < G feet per minute...???

Shutoff needs to occur before someone can get close enough to touch it.

Speed is a function of performance. Only at high speeds (like faster
than the average person can jog pushing a lawnmower would safety come into

> Once we know what we want it to do we can work on how to
> do it.