Re: [mowbot] Goals

robin nospam at
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 20:27:18 +0100

Raymond Skarratt u <skar9500 nospam at> wrote:
> I'm not totally sure how we can really radify anything on the list.
> Should we go for a 50% + 1 approval? I think that that would be fair and
> (obviously) upset the least amount of people. The list is currently at
> 42 members I think, so we would need 23 approvals in order to pass
> anything. Does this sound fair?
Fair maybe, but not practical. Of the 42 members, only 23 have (so far)
posted anything. I'm not saying that lurkers shouldn't have a vote,
just that the lack of a vote from a lurker shouldn't prevent stuff
agreed by the active members getting adopted.

But before we get bogged down in discussion of voting systems, let's
see if we can get by without such a scheme first.

> Ok, secretary Robin, do you have the most recent list of goals? If so
> could you post it for approval? I suggest that we get the list narrowed
> down over or refined over the next week and then we have a vote on it.
I have started making a list of all the major points we have discussed,
including the goals. It should be done by Monday. For each point,
I am counting how many times it has been mentioned favourably and how
many unfavourably. So far, we seem to have been quite polarized, with
many things mentioned being either widely liked or disliked (although
the detail might be contentious). I don't think it will be hard to come
to a consensus on the goals at least.


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