Re: [mowbot] motor power, induction charging

George Phillip Atkins (gpa nospam at
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 16:27:28 -0400 (EDT)

---------> > Subject: [mowbot] motor power, induction charging
> > I haven't done the experiment, but I have looked at suitably chunky 12V
> > d.c. motors in the RS catalogue and they have ratings like: 300mA (60rpm,
> > 0.3Nm), 493mA (65rpm, 0.3Nm), 1.2A (20rpm, 4Nm). The latter is perhaps
> > outside our budget, being 88 UKP ($132) for two, but it is all metal,
> > 126x42x64mm and looks *really* heavy duty. I can do the experiment on
> > paper at least.
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> > Robin.
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> Regarding motors. My first thought is to get a couple cheap
> cordless screwdrivers. They're geared down, have a far amount
> of torque, and operate from 6V, 9V, 12V, or 14V (though the
> cheap ones are usually only 6V). You'd probably want to
> gear it down one more time, but I think a couple of them
> should be sufficient for a mowbot.
> Drive them with a microcontroller using PWM for speed control
> and differential sterring.
> Dana

Checkout WEB site:
They have 12V, gearhead motors rated at 1.5amps (175rpm) and 12.6V rated
at 600ma (40 rpm) for US $17.50. Look like motors from electric auto
window units to me.

I called a junkyard nearby and they said wiper motors for $10-$15
depending upon the car and window motors for $10.

-phil atkins