[mowbot] Battery Exchange ?

Monta Elkins (Monta nospam at vt.edu)
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:06:02 -0400

What's a good 'battery charge' to 'run' ratio?

I'd guessed 2:1

Given 2:1 we get 16 hours charging for 8 hours work.
Seeing that time could be a problem; I was wondering
if anyone had an ideas for a simple 'battery exchange'

If we could work out a simple battery exchange method
we could work at least daylight hours if not 24.

i.e. If mowbot can find 1 exchange station; it
could easily find 1 of 2 battery exchange stations
and switch back and forth. (Or one station that
can manipulate 2 charging batteries).

3 batteries, 1 in use, 2 on charge.

Any ideas?

[I'd thought there may need to be a second battery
on mowbot used only during the exchange cycle
that charges during the mow cycle from the main battery,
with the battery exchange functions designed to operate a 9v]

I just don't have any idea of the mechanics involved yet.

-Monta Elkins

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