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Thu, 26 Sep 1996 03:50:11 +0100

Hi all.
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I think that some limits need to be placed on this list. In the past 24
hours or so I think that there have been about 3 or 4 unsubscribe
messages that I have recieved. I think that mostly people are
unsubscribing due to the volume of messages.

I think that it's great that people are very excited about this project.
We do have a lot of problems to deal with before this project can become
a reality. We will get to all of them, I assure you. Just not all this
week. Can we please make an effort to keep the number of messages as low
as possible?

For right now I suggest that we go back to the discussion on goals. What
do we exactly want out of this project? Once we get a basic frame work
as to what we want to achieve from this project we can go from there.
We can deal with power requirements, cutting aparatus etc...
when we get to that part of the project.

I guess the other option is to dissolve this list and let the discussion
run free in the newsgroup. This is by no means the most favourable
solution (or I guess I could just unsubscribe myself).

So for now please limit discussions to goals and expectations. Also
please try to limit yourself to say a maximum of 5 messages in any 24
hour period.