[mowbot] electric mower

robin nospam at acm.org
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 02:45:30 +0100

Chris Kingsley <chris.kingsley nospam at Xilinx.COM> wrote:
> I have one [electric mower that runs on a battery].
> They come in different sizes, with different width blades and
> different size batteries. Mine's a smaller one, but it claims to be able to
> mow 1/3 of an acre (4000 m^2?) on a charge.
1 acre is about 4000m^2.

> The mower is pretty heavy, but not much more than a gas engine would be.
> It's Wonderfully quiet -- it sounds like a largish fan.
How does it work? Spiral blade against fixed blade?

> I'll be bowing out of the mailing list. You have lots of neat ideas, but
> the traffic is more than I can keep up with. I would love to hear from
> you when you have a design worked out.
Come back in a few days and I'm sure the traffic will have subsided somewhat.


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