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Dominic Peterson (d.peterson nospam at
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:13:51 +1000 (EST)

Dave Everett wrote:
>> Jonathan H. Connell, "Minimalist Mobile Robotics:
>> A Colony-style Architecture for an Artificial Creature"
>> Academic Press, 1990.
>I have it, and it is a fantastic reference for behaviour-based robotics.
>I could put some links to the relevent papers too, like 'A robust
>layered control system for a mobile robot' by Brooks.
>I've got a whole stack of papers here that are very relevent to mobile
>robots, but obviously copyright exists on those.

I dug out my copy of this book last night (I was quoting from memory when I
posted yesterday) and re-read some of the sections, particularly on
navigation. Connell created a robot that navigates around an unmodified
office environment, seeking out, collecting, and returning to home,
ordinairy drink cans. All of this was done without mapping and was
implemented as 41 'behaviours' acting in competition/cooperation depending
on state and sensors.

His robot has a _much_ harder job to do than ours (IMHO) and was
implemented 6-7 years ago on very simple hardware (with the exception of
some fairly expensive camera/vision equipment). Inspirational. Beg,
borrow or steal a copy of this book. (Mine's stolen! Just kidding)

Some of the same ground is covered (pun intended) in "Mobile Robots - Flynn
et al" but Connell presents heaps more detail.

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