[mowbot] Re: Mowbot blades

Doug Smith (dougs nospam at mcs.com)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:28:22 -0600

>>All my previous research has shown that the best way is with a high
>>speed blade. The grass blades are very flexible, and they just bend over
>>unless struck with enough force. I also believe that the grass tends to
>>stand up due to the sucking of air past the mower blades, this greatly
>>improves the effect.

Has anyone exerimented with the nylon replacement blades for string
trimmers? I just got one for my trimmer. It's a wheel with 3 pivoting
nylon blades, each about 4 inches long. They are light weight and might be
safer than a metal blade. I'll try it on grass and let everyone know how it

>Spinning a blade like this seems very power hungry and waistful moving
>a lot of air and not cutting much grass. We would also have to worry about

I think that's why the Weed Eater robotic mower uses the spinning disk with
exacto knife blades. They are light weight and it gives some flywheel
action for low power consumption.

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