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Dave Everett (Deverett nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:51:58 +1000

Ron Woodward wrote:
> >All my previous research has shown that the best way is with a high
> >speed blade. The grass blades are very flexible, and they just bend > >over unless struck with enough force. I also believe that the grass > > >tends to stand up due to the sucking of air past the mower blades, > >this greatly improves the effect.

> Spinning a blade like this seems very power hungry and waistful moving
> a lot of air and not cutting much grass. We would also have to worry > about
> continuously advancing the cutter line. Most of the ones I have sceen
> require you to bounce them on the ground. Not too hard but an added problem.

I wasn't referring to a line based cutter, I said in the above paragraph
> How about the reciprcating blade out of a hedge trimmer or a reel mower?

I've tried it, it doesn't work.

> Golf courses use gangs of reel mowers towed behind carts to mow the corse.

> Highway departments and farmers use sicle bar mowers for trimming realy
> badly overgrown areas. These both seem less power hungry than a highspeed
> blade.

How did you measure the energy requirements?

> Less likly to fling a rock in some kids eye too.

I don't want kids hanging around my place, I may design in a
purpose-built rock flinger.

Dave Everett.