Re: [mowbot] Legal stuff

Mr Steve Lawther, Naval Control Systems, NF19 NPL, 2227 (Steve.Lawther nospam at
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 09:12:28 +0000

Dave Everett wrote:

>Jeff Sampson wrote:
>>Gee, wasn't there already a "MowBot" or "MoBot"? It was on the cover of
>>Popular Mechanics or Popular Science or Radio Electronics or such. And I'm
>> sure that is what it was called one of the two. So the name probably is
>> already registered, a long time ago.

>The project featured in Radio-Electronics was called 'Lawn Ranger'

>Dave Everett.

The name 'MoBot' has been used by Uni of Salford, UK as a name
for some of their ranges of Mobile Robots - I doubt they formally
trademarked it thou :-)

On a related note, the ultrasonic range finding/ poximity detection /
comms board I designed & built for my degree project, was four
transmitter / receiver pairs spaced 90 degrees apart. Each had
a tested range of about 2 Metres, with a ranging dead band of 8 cm.
(I think - I haven't got the write-up on me, and was 4 years ago!)
Even in the dead band, proximity detection was still possible, by
timing the dead-band, and if it was longer than usual, there was
an object close. The range and dead band could be altered to
some extent by changing the length and power of the out-going


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