[mowbot] Grass cutting component specs.

Monta Elkins (monta nospam at bev.net)
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 10:35:37 -0400

Here are some basic spec's I got on existing cutting technologies.

Amperage, I assume is at stall, and we will be cutting
at relatively slow speeds (at least slow for string technology...),
so I suspect the real power draw to be less.

In any case this can give us some figures for power consumption
vs. cutting width vs. weight.


Cutting Technologies

Name width cm amp 120V Kg Comments
Weedeater 22.8 2.8 tap and go
B &D String trimmer 25 3
B &D String trimmer 30 3.5
B &D String trimmer 30 3.6
B &D String trimmer 30 3.8 2.3
B &D String trimmer 30 4
B &D String trimmer 35 4.3

B &D hedge trimmer 45.5 2.4 2.13
B &D hedge trimmer 40.6 4.5 2.04
B &D hedge trimmer 33 2

B & D Shrubber 15??A 7.2 V
B & D Grass Shears 7.5??A 7.2 V front cut (like

Motorcycly Battery Specs Amp Hour kg
20 5.1