[mowbot] terrain type (was: A Lurker Says, "Hello".)

robin nospam at acm.org
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 12:34:10 +0100

Dominic Peterson <d.peterson nospam at qut.edu.au> wrote:
> I seem to remember (read it? told by someone?) that IR satellite photos
> could show the difference between harvested and unharvested crops based
> on IR. Does (recently) cut grass have a different IR response than
> un-cut. Hmmm, time to crawl around the yard with an IR sensor and a
> meter, enduring the curious stares of my neighbours (again/still!).
I have some false-colour satellite photos (taken in visible and IR,
then processed to highlight interesting information) and they clearly
show the difference between uncultivated, cultivated and built-up
land. You can even tell what type of crops are growing. I don't know
if cut/uncut crops show up differently, but it is so selective that
it seems very likely to be the case.

If it should turn out that the ground type sensor can tell the difference
not only between cut and uncut grass but also between clover, brown
patches, weeds and other things, then the fertilizing and weed-killing
extensions I mentioned (and dismissed) in my first long post would be
much more practical.

> >btw Dave, why do your posts have such erratic word-wrap?
> His default line length is probably set about 5-10 chars longer than
> yours.
I am slightly interested in how this strange pattern comes about,
particularly as it has happened to more than one poster---as you suggest,
it does look as though two separate word-wraps have happened.
But I'm sure that neither of them are my end because if I post excessively long lines, they pass all the way through the mailing list un-wrapped (just checking:-).
But this is not a topic for the mowbot list. Please follow up to
robin nospam at acm.org.


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