[mowbot] Mowbot

Ron Woodward (RWoodward nospam at gnn.com)
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 21:59:18

I have been following this for some time and decided it was time to get my
two cents worth in. I will follow Monta's outline which seems like a good
starting place and a reasonable way of organizing my thoughts.

MowBot - Creation Outline - Proposal for Comments
Proposed Steps for the creation of MowBot

Goal Definition:
Autonomous mowing system. Decides on its own when to mow the lawn.
Performs basic self servicing like clipping disposal, Recharging,
cleaning, sharpening etc. Safe to people, pets, plants and property.
Requires minimum of ifrastructure. Protects itself from damage.
Quite and nonobtrusive to neigbors. Environmentaly safe.
Looks cute and has a winning personality. ;-)

Mobile Platform:
3 or 4 wheel(Pivioting mount) with diferential drive. Capable of
traversing and oprating on a 45 degree slope. Sufficient ground
clearance to not get hung up on small holes and bumps in the yard.

Microprocessor Control:
Sufficient processing power to perform necessary navigation, sensing,
power control and goal directed functions.

Simple Pattern Navigation
Recharging Behavior
Boundary/Position Recognition
Mowing Algorithms
Advanced Topics