Re: [mowbot] Hello, and lots of ideas

Raymond Skarratt u (skar9500 nospam at
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 14:00:04 -0400 (EDT)

This is about Robin's point about the size of the list and posting the
fact that the list exists a little more formally now to comp.robotics.

I was already thinking about doing this and hope to have it done by the
end of the weekend. On the size of the list I think that we may be at or
above 20 by now. I think that is fine and even more is ok. I also think
that we shouldn't limit the size of the list until we start running into
problems with too much traffic and no real progress. I think that we are
going to see a lot of lurkers and a small percentage of contributors
which I think is fine.

The postitions that Robin mentioned in his post I agree with. I would be
willing to act as Chair as long as no one objects. Robin also makes some
other valid points that need to be discussed (I think) before we can
really sink our teeth into the problem.

Anyway, those are my (fragmented) thoughts at this time. I will try to
make things a little more coherent and try to get some discussions going
before the weekend is over. However, this is looking like it could be
another all too busy weekend.

Have a good one and please think about the good points that Robin has
made in his post.