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Sorry, the mowbot list is closed.


The Mowbot mailing list was created in 1996 for the discussion of the design and construction of a robot lawnmower. In its heyday, the list had over 100 members who exchanged lots of useful information. Many of the contributors, like me, lacked the necessary engineering skills or tools to actually make anything useful, but some members shared their experiences with building real mowbots. The rest of us found plenty to talk about!

As time went by, all the major problems had been soundly thrashed out and the list got quieter. Eventually, by about 2001, the list was effectively dead. I was sorry to see it fade away like that without producing a set of plans for others to use, but nevertheless, it did provide me, and I hope others, with a great deal of entertainment while it lasted.

There are now several commercial mowbots which can be purchased in garden centres for quite reasonable sums of money, so it possible to own your own mowbot without the effort!


All the posts are still archived. You can also read the messages in date order, but I'm afraid there is no search feature.

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Although the list is closed, I still welcome email on the subject. Please visit my home page to contact me.
Robin O'Leary.